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CPT'S COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update Center

The safety and well-being of our employees, residents, patients and visitors is our priority. During this period of heightened awareness, we are taking additional precautions. Click here for more information.

Latest Update on COVID-19 for employees with United Healthcare health insurance [United Healthcare]
Learn how to prepare yourself for COVID-19 [ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]
Coping with a Public Health Event - Coronavirus (COVID-19) [United Healthcare]

If you believe you might have been exposed to COVID-19 or have symptoms such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing, call your health care provider right away. Only health care providers can order a COVID-19 test.

IRS W-4 Form Update
In 2020, for the first time in more than the three decades the IRS has redesigned the W-4 Form. Employees that had a W-4 form prior to January 1, 2020 will continue to compute the withholding. As of January 1st new hires or changes will require employees to complete the 2020 Employee's Withholding certificate.

2020 W-4 Form - IRS FAQ
2020 W-4 Form - Employee's Guide
New 2020 W-4 IRS Form

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United Healthcare Medical Plans

Medical & Vision Plans At-A-Glance Summary
Medical & Vision Employee Contributions
- Medical/Dental Waiver of Coverage Form  

- Vision Plan Benefit Summary  
- Vision Plan Overview
- Vision Network Providers
- Vision Plan - Contact Lens Selection List

- Your 2020 Prescription Drug List

Insurance Benefits Enrollment Guide

2020 Benefits Open Enrollment UHC Presentation

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Guardian Dental Plans

- Dental Plans Overview
- Dental Plans Contributions
- Illinois Dental Benefit Summary

The DENTAL HMO Plan requires a primary care dentist (PCD) number. You can obtain a PCD# by calling your dentist or by going to Guardian's website at www.GuardianAnytime.com

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Charter HMO Plan Documents

- Charter HMO - Summary of Benefits
Charter HMO Plan Summary & Contributions 
- Charter HMO Plan - RX Pharmacy

- Charter Adv HMO FAQs
- Three important things to know
HMO Charter Networks - Chicago Market

Important: Charter Adv HMO Plan requires a primary care physician (PCP) !
- Locate your provider - step by step
- Provider Locator search

CDHP HSA & FSA Plan Documents

- CDHP Summary of Benefits
- CDHP HSA Coverage Details
- CDHP HSA Plan - RX Pharmacy Plan

- Medical HSA Authorization Form
- FSA Election Form

- HSA Eligible Expenses  
- Paying for your doctor visit with HSA 
HSA Choice Plus FAQ  

Copper & Silver PPO Plan Documents

- Copper PPO Summary of Benefits - Family
- Copper PPO Summary of Benefits - Individual

- Copper PPO Plan - Individual Coverage
- Copper PPO Plan - Family Coverage
- Copper PPO Plan - RX Pharmacy Plan

- Silver PPO Summary of Benefits
- Silver PPO Plan - Individual & Family Coverage
- Silver PPO Plan - RX Pharmacy Plan

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United HealthCare Resources

- Virtual Visit information flyer
- Virtual Visit FAQs
- UnitedHealthcare Healthy Pregnancy app
- UnitedHealth Premium Program info
- Make Informed Decisions about Your Care

- Tier 1 Doctors - Money Saving Option

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Transamerica Experience

Transamerica 401k Participant Website
Transamerica Health & Wealth Blog

Educational Videos
Join the Plan

Guide to Social Security
Guide to Medicare
Financial Fitness 101

For an additional assistance please visit WealthPlanners website:
WealthPlanners Website
Contact Dan Piazza
Contact Mike Scott

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Transamerica has partnered with EverFi, a leading education technology company, to build an interactive education platform featuring 30+ topics, from paying down debt to buying a home, and much more. This self-paced, digital learning experience is available on the Transamerica 401(k) website and available to all participants.

Click to Visit: Financial Wellness Center

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Voluntary Benefits 

- Supplemental & Dependent Life Insurance /  Long Term Disability Insurance / Rates & Forms
- Short Term Disability and Basic Life
- Claim Form Packet 

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